Thursday, July 7, 2011

Deron Williams to Turkey: We are skeptical

Deron Williams
We don't normally question the authenticity of good, solid reporting, but we have to question this. The website, a media partner of the Euroleague is reporting that NBA star Deron Williams, currently playing for the New Jersey Nets is moving. We don't discount the report, but we're skeptical.

The site is reporting Williams will play for a club called Besiktas in Turkey. The say the club will pay him $200,000 per month and the contract will allow him to return to the NBA as soon as the lockout ends.

Read the story RIGHT HERE

While we sort of get the logic--Williams would be playing and staying in some form of game shape, we seriously wonder if he'd take the risk knowing he could get hurt over there.

The other reason we are skeptical is that no major outlet has reported this yet. It may be true, but heck, it isn't even a main headline on the website. And Williams is one of the NBA Elite players. We aren't saying that since it isn't "Mainstream" that it isn't  legit, because quite often, bloggers and sites on the Internets are way ahead of say--the 4-Letter, we just wonder why Williams would do it.

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