Tuesday, July 5, 2011

McAdoo Sues North Carolina

Not THAT McAdoo...

We're talking football this time...

Defensive end Michael McAdoo, who is technically in the eyes of the NCAA an "ex-football player," is suing the school demanding he be reinstated after being declared ineligible for academic misconduct. He's also seeking damages from the school and the NCAA. The lawsuit also, while it's at it, accuses the NCAA of "gross negligence" in ruling him ineligible based on "inaccurate information." McAdoo's attorneys filed the lawsuit back on Friday.

McAdoo was one of seven players forced to sit out all of last season while the NCAA investigated all those improper benefits and academic misconduct allegations.

The lawsuit also "seeks to compel" chancellor Holden Thorp to reinstate McAdoo while also preventing the NCAA from interfering in the process. A hearing on that request is scheduled for July 15.

The HQ would like to tell McAdoo "good luck on all that..."
Here's some file tape on McAdoo that got him to Chapel Hill...
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