Saturday, July 2, 2011

Megan Rapinoe Knows She's On TV

((HT: FIFA/ESPN/youtube's MrSoccerblues2000))

For those of you who like soccer, the women's world cup is going on over in Germany.

The US had a 3-0 victory over Colombia today to ensure their place in the knockout round. But Megan Rapinoe made a statement with what happened below, and reminded all of us that it's just television...

In front of millions...

If you go on youtube, you'll see Rapinoe's musical talent. But today, she showed us that the mic is always hot... and good for that... ((for the record, there is a cleaner, but shorter version hyah...))

And, while the HQ is at it, thanks to our friends at Larry Brown Sports for thinking of us as "often imitated and never replicated..."

Brown bag it, baby...

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