Friday, July 1, 2011

NBA Lockout: Day 1--Will anybody notice? (Stupid is as stupid does)

Billy Hunter of NBAPA and David Stern
Well, it's official, we now have two professional sports leagues that are now in the midst of labor strife.

As you saw yesterday, the NBA decided it was time to make a stand (albeit kind of against themselves), by locking out the players until a collective bargaining agreement can be reached and lower salaries paid.

We wish them luck with that, for they (the owners) are trying to slay the monster that they built themselves.

And while both sides are saying nice least publicly about each other, it is going to be a long, nasty process here, much worse we believe, than anything the NFL has gone through.

Read a brief summary from the Boston Herald RIGHT HERE

The two sides have agreed to resume negotiating in a couple of weeks, but we are pretty sure it won't change anything. The dysfunctional pay-scale and revenue scale the NBA has been operating under since their last strike in 1998 has exacerbated the problem and neither side is willing to admit it.

Yes, there are solutions. And according to many, they aren't complicated. Mark Heisler of the Los Angeles Times offers up a pretty good one, though we suspect it ain't gonna happen.

Read Heisler's story RIGHT HERE

When push comes to shove, this still boils down to a couple of things and while we aren't necessarily siding with the players, we place a lot of the blame here on the owners.

In their endless pursuit of an NBA title, many owners just got stupid. They started paying guys who in no way shape or form deserved it, way too much money, thinking they could buy a title. You can't.

Yes, we know, there is plenty of money to go around and we don't fault the players for taking what the owners were willing to offer them. But the players and the players association should be realistic that they are going to have to give in a little in order for this to work. We just have a hard time wrapping our hands around the premise of anyone, never mind a basketball player, being paid $25 million plus a do anything.

We know, the players do have options and can go play overseas, but do they really want to do that? Do they really want to go play in say, Greece, where gunshots and riots sometimes break out during games.

Sorry, NBA fan, there is a really good chance you are going to have to survive on a steady diet of College Basketball this year.

Oh, if you want to know how petty this already is, try clicking on any or team website, you won't find any mention of any current players... gives us David Stern announcing the lockout:

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