Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Vikings stadium plan looking shaky

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Whither the Vikings and their plans for a new football stadium in Minnesota.

According to a report today in the St.Paul Pioneer press, the funding for the Vikings new digs in Ramsey County, Minnesota is getting a bit on the shaky side.

The report says the St. Paul City Council (part of Ramsey County) will publicly oppose the 1/2% sales tax the county is proposing to help fund the stadium which would be located in the suburb of Arden Hills.

More from the Pioneer Press RIGHT HERE

Whether the vote to oppose the tax will derail the issue remains to be seen, but it is an indication of eroding support for the funding of the proposed $1.1 billion project which would be built on the old Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant.

The state isn't particularly enamored with the details either in part because they already have some serious budget issues to deal with. There are a lot of concerns the costs will amount to more than what's been estimated and with the state's budget standoff getting to the point where they've been shutdown since Friday, it may be hard to get the issue through.

There are options for the team and stadium folks, it's just a matter of how creative they want to get. St. Paul's mayor suggested the funding come from a 2 cent per drink "booze" tax. Not a bad idea, we'll see if it gains traction.

In the meantime, if and when the Vikings play again, they won't play in a new place. When the Metrodome roof is deemed totally safe, they'll be right back where they started.

And don't think the folks from AEG in Los Angeles aren't paying attention to this either.

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