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Steroid Doctor admits guilt: Big name client list coming out

Anthony Galea
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Hmmm. This could get interesting.

On the heels of yesterday's announcement by Doctor Anthony Galea that yes, he smuggled HGH and other steroid type drugs into the U.S, comes word of some of the doc's clients.

Tiger Woods name came up, though attorney's say Woods only got one treatment and allegedly no HGH.

Other names to surface: NFL Player Takeo Spikes, former All-star running back Jamaal Lewis along with baseball players Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran. We already knew about baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

Nobody is discussing specifics as to who did what and in fact, we may never know since Galea settled and the case is nearly over. Galea admitted he smuggled HGH, Nutropin and Actovegin into the U.S beginning in 2007. He also admitted practicing medicine on athletes despite not having a license to do so in the U.S.

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Galea also faces charges in Canada. He'll be sentenced October 19th and could face 3-years in jail and a $250,000 fine. Authorities first found out about all of this when Galea's assistant was stopped crossing into the U.S in Buffalo in 2009. After a search, Border Patrol agents found many of the substances in her car.

By no means will this be the end to both the investigation and the flow of these drugs. The question is: Are there more athletes tied to the good doctor. And yes, we know that none of the names mentioned here, with the exception of Rodriguez have admitted to or been proven to have taken the steroids.

But it raises questions.

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