Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There's a National Underwater Hockey Championship?

Underwater Hockey/Courtesy: Cincinnati Enquirer
((ht: cincinnati enquirer))

Wow! And we thought we've heard of it all. Or were at least familiar with most forms of sports out there. But that assumption would be WRONG!

We learned this afternoon by reading the Newspaper here in the satellite office about a local high school that took 2nd place in the "B" division of the U.S National Underwater Hockey Championship.


We aren't making this up.

Roger Bacon High School in Cincinnati, won their level of the tournament with a mix of current students with a few alumni mixed in. This years tourney was held in Santa Clara, California.

Not only did they win the "B" division this season, they've place in tournaments dating back as far as 2001.

Read about their exploits from RIGHT HERE

There are certain things you find out about and just say "Really" and this would be one of them. We consider ourselves not nearly as learned as we once thought. We don't know exactly how Underwater Hockey is played, though we suspect it is somewhat similar to Water Polo only done underwater. (Please, if you know the rules and how this is played--correct us)

Again, to our surprise, we actually found video of said event, so without much further ado...or apologizing for our apparent inadequacies as fans of all things sports, check out video from this years event.

Thanks SantaClaraTV (SCVTV) and You Tube:

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