Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your OnlineSportsGuys Website move reminder

Yes...we're moving/Courtesy:dreamstime.com
Yeah, we haven't been diligent in reminding you, our esteemed readers, that we will soon be relocating to a new website.

And since we've had...oh...some 10,000 or more readers since the last time we posted one, we though we should post a reminder.


There, is that better?

We aren't going far...and really, we won't be hard to find. The website is very simple to remember. Just type in the following and put it in your bookmarks for when the move is official:


That's it. Nothing more is needed. We're there.

You'll get the same reporting from your favorite writers and editors. You'll get some off-beat stuff and things you'll eventually see in other places, but you'd be surprised how many times we get it first.

The transition is already happening, we should be official in the next week or so. The old website will still be there, that's where you'll find our story archives.

So stay tuned loyal reader, we promise, we'll let you know when the move becomes a full-time thing.

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