Monday, August 29, 2011

Al Harrington vs. Jason Sereno

And no, we have no earthly idea who Jason Sereno is. Though he apparently has access to NBA Basketball player Al Harrington and someone to shoot video interviews for him for his website.

The premise here is pretty simple, and yes, it was posted almost a week ago. But we haven't seen it until now.

Sereno goes to interview Harrington about training to become an MMA fighter. Why Harrington wants to do that, we don't know. The two men talk and Sereno offers to spar with Harrington. One clutch and a right hook later (about 5 sec.) and down goes Sereno.

Now, we don't know if this is a work of some sorts. It could be. But it is kind of funny since Sereno is just basically a schlub who scored a semi-name interview and a shot at YouTube fame.

Your Sparring session from YouTube/

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