Monday, August 29, 2011

Dolphins dis 'Canes by honoring Gators during game

Tim Tebow as a UF player

Well, we guess it is a matter of perspective, but it is kind of odd.

The Miami Dolphins announced they will be honoring Tim Tebow and the 2009 University of Florida national championship team during halftime of the Dolphins vs. Broncos game on October 23rd.

Okay. That's swell. They are after all in the state of Florida.

But...that's not the rub. The rub is, they'll be doing it at SunLight/Landshark/Joe Robbie or whatever they call it stadium that both the Dolphins...and...wait for it, the Miami Hurricanes play in.

Read more from Dave Hyde of the Ft.Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel RIGHT HERE

Okay, yeah, we'll just say it. Sure, Miami fans shouldn't be that petty. Surely there are some Gator fans in South Florida and certainly some from North Florida will make the trip down (a) to see their beloved Tebow and (b) because they are Dolphin fans.

But, yeah, if I'm a Hurricanes fan, I'd probably be a little pissed off. And while Tebow, along with Mike Pouncey of the Dolphins are the only 2 Gators playing in the game (though supposedly--Urban Meyer will be there too), they are going to get a lot of boos.

Lots of them.

But we wish the Dolphins luck, and while they are and will always be our favorite team, we don't pretend to understand many of the things they've done of late. And no, they haven't been successful.

Who knows, maybe we'll be wrong and this will payoff with a sell-out, but we kind of doubt it.

Your 2008-09 Championship highlights:

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