Saturday, August 20, 2011

New UGA Football uni's, some like, some not-so-much

The "New Look" UGA Uniform
((ht: nike))

What do you think?

There's some bluster going on this Saturday on the Internets as Nike and the University of Georgia unveiled their new "Pro Combat" football uniforms. They'll make their game day debut Labor Day weekend when the Bulldogs kickoff the 2011 College Football season against Boise State.

You can see the photo to the right.

It's definitely not the traditional look, but it is very, interesting. Those who post stories about things like this are mixed in their reviews so far.

We say "Nice". We like the look. And we like the helmets especially. We suspect this will be the cause of much consternation amongst the older Bulldog faithful, but we think it is a nice, modern update to a solid, traditional look. (Never thought we'd do fashion reviews)

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