Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jeremy Shockey saves teammates life

Jeremy Shockey
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Who knew? Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey made a life-saving move Monday afternoon in the teams lunchroom.

Shockey's teammate Ben Hartsock, also a tight end, was choking on a piece of pork and Shockey came to the rescue. After trying the Heimlich unsuccessfully, Shockey ended up hit Hartsock in the right place on his back, causing the meat to break free from Hartsock's throat.

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Much respect to Shockey for doing what he did. Needless to say, Hartsock easily could have died from that and his teammate essentially saved his life. How can you not respect that.

Both players are trying to play it off, but it is a significant deal. We don't know if the two are close or not, but they will now, probably be bonded together forever.

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