Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dashboard cam of Cliff Harris traffic stop: Epic!

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Cheech and Chong would be proud. And we also have learned that a Nissan Altima can go over 110 mph.

KATU-TV has provided a play-by-play of Harris's traffic in June. In the car with him, star QB Darron Thomas.

Harris tells the Oregon State Trooper at the outset that they "Smoked all the Marijuana". And he got a sobriety test to boot.

The officer doesn't arrest Harris after he somehow passes a field sobriety test and despite not having a valid drivers license on him. And in fact, Harris tells him of a suspended license for driving uninsured in California. But Harris isn't arrested. Eventually Tyrell Irvin, who was in the back seat and had a valid license, was given permission to drive the group home.

Oh, and for what it is worth, the aforementioned Altima was rented by a university employee. An employee that Harris later said "Is my girlfriend"

Read the text version of the arrest from KATU RIGHT HERE

And the KATU TV report. Note the lack of concern from coach Chip Kelly:

Okay, there are several things here that should be questioned, first and foremost how Harris, despite admitting the marijuana use and driving 118 mph, in a car that he had no paperwork for, got away with a citation.

Second the police officers shouldn't be adjusting what the do based on who is in the car. They apparently talk, at length, about the Oregon players in the car. And that is despite the later conversation stating they would never give football players preferential treatment. Imagine if you or I were in that exact same predicament. Where do you think you'd be spending at least the rest of the night?

Third, Oregon coach Chip Kelly appears to be not the slightest bit worried about any of this. And Harris, nor Thomas appear to have suffered any repercussions. Yeah, sure, Harris's "Family" paid the $1100 fine. And in the eyes of the Ducks, that seems to be the end of it. It shouldn't be.

See the entire dashcam video of the arrest from our friends at KATU-TV:

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