Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stevie Williams vs. Tiger Woods: Advantage Williams


Who would have thought that the winner of a PGA Tour golf tournament would get overshadowed by his caddie. And yet that is exactly what happened today at the Bridgestone Invitational at the Firestone Country Club.

Adam Scott won the tournament, but was a secondary story.

That's because his caddie, Steve Williams, up until two weeks ago, was Tiger Woods caddie. There's apparently a conflict of stories as to how those two parted ways, but in a bit of a karmic confluence, Williams new boss won the tourney, his old boss was a non-factor.

And in lieu of all that, our pals at CBS Sports interviewed Mr. Williams, who used the medium to take a few not-so-veiled shots at his former employer. He told the world, "It's the greatest week of my life caddying and I sincerely mean that."

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We really aren't sure who root for in this drama. Both Tiger and Williams kind of come off as a pair of douchebags in our opinion. Yes, we laugh a bit at the Karma of Williams being on the winning bag and we get that he was hurt by his former friend dumping him hard. But dude, be a professional. Let it go.

There's no reason to take a public shot.

Nobody that we are aware of has gotten a comment from Woods and we would be mildly surprised if he was willing to give one. And we can respect him because of that. But it also reeks of him being a "High Priced" prima donna. We can't blame Williams for wanting more work to keep getting paid.

But we kind of equate this to piling on. Everyone is dumping on Woods and we feel sorry for him for that. But if he was as shitty to Williams and Williams says than yeah, it really was karma running full circle.

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