Saturday, August 27, 2011

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton facing murder charges

Javaris Crittenton

This is just plain sad, mostly because it is someone that we spent time covering and thought much, much better of.

Former NBA basketball player and Georgia Tech star Javaris Crittenton wanted on murder charges in his hometown of Atlanta. Police say Crittenton shot a 23-year old mother of four on August 19th, while driving down the street. According to police, he thought he was shooting at someone he believed had robbed him a few days before.

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This really upsets us because Crittenton, who was a High School star at Southwest Atlanta Christian (same school as Dwight Howard) and played one moderately successful year at Georgia Tech was highly regarded in the Atlanta community. He said and did all the right things growing up, though we were aware there was a troubled upbringing in his background. At 6-5, 200 lbs, quick and creative, his future looked bright.

Many believed he went to the NBA far too soon and the proved to be true. After being a 1st round draft pick by the LA Lakers in 2007, he bounced around the NBA and was mostly known for the "Gun" incident with Gilbert Arenas while with the Washington Wizards in 2009.

While covering him, we certainly thought he wasn't mature enough to handle what he was stepping into--the NBA, we never thought it would end for him like this. And yes, while we know you are innocent until proven guilty, the stigma attached to these kind of charges alone will never go away. It is truly a shame to see where he came from, where he was headed and where it appears that he will be ending up. Very sad.

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