Saturday, August 20, 2011

University of Miami parents getting pissed

Alonzo Highsmith
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They are pissed and they aren't going to take it anymore. Well, they really are pissed, but I don't know about the taking it part.

Anyway, the father of former Miami cornerback Sam Shields is not happy. And he doesn't believe his son did anything wrong.

The father of current Hurricanes safety A.J Highsmith, who wasn't implicated in any of this mess, has some issues with all the implications too. Former Hurricane Alonzo Highsmith says he's contemplating a lawsuit against the NCAA on behalf of parents with kids playing football.

Alonzo Highsmith told the Miami Herald that the kids are the ones suffering for the indiscretions of the adults. Or of a select few players. And he's not wrong.

Read the entire story from the Miami Herald RIGHT HERE

We kind of agree with Highsmith about this, but it won't change. We've, in the past, advocated punishing the adults in all of this and questioned why the current players have to suffer from the indiscretions of past players. And it is a legitimate question.

We know full well that Highsmith's lawsuit won't get anywhere, but we hope it at least will initiate some discussion. It goes back to the NCAA's desperate need to reevaluate the way they dole out punishment to rule breaking schools.

We spoke yesterday about the talk of a "Death Penalty" for the "U" because of all of this and NCAA president Mark Emmert didn't do anything to dissuade that talk by saying he is "Not against using it". But he won't here. It again would be a blatant case of the NCAA punishing the innocent people who didn't do anything.

If someone should be punished, it should be the compliance officials. It should be the coaches and boosters. It should be the guys like Nevin Shapiro. It's somewhat cliche', but really it is all about "Don't hate the player, hate the game"

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