Monday, August 15, 2011

FAU Commit: Mike Leach will be the new coach

Mike Leach

Interesting. Speculative....maybe. But recruits usually have insight most of the rest of the world doesn't.

Delray Beach Atlantic WR Chad Ward tells the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel he is committing to Florida Atlantic University. He has had interest from many other schools, but he told the newspaper the reason he wants to stay near home was, "As of right now, because Coach Schnellenberger, he's going to be leaving after this year so they are probably going to have a new coach. I believe it is going to be Mike Leach, so that would open a door for me."

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An interesting thought, but realize Leach's name has been attached to every college football coaches job available for the past two years. He hasn't gotten any of them.

That isn't to say this won't happen. It could. And if you think about good fits, this would be an excellent fit for someone like Leach.

If Florida Atlantic is looking to put butts in their new 30,000 plus seat stadium, getting a "High-Profile" coach such as Leach to run things wouldn't be a bad move. It certainly would draw a level of attention they haven't had in the past.

We'll see if it plays out. And if it does, we all can attribute the Nostradamus-like quote to a young, high school age wide receiver from Delray Beach who called it.

From one potential psychic to another...this is funny:

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