Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun in Florida: UCF gets notice of inquiry

University of Central Florida
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It looks like the NCAA will be spending some time in the state of Florida over the upcoming months. Not only is the University of Miami facing a firestorm, but their neighbors to the north, the University of Central Florida is now facing an NCAA investigation over recruiting violations in football and basketball.

We, along with many other outlets, reported on a strange and not-so-clean sounding relationship between the school and a Ken Caldwell from Chicago. Caldwell, who calls himself a "Youth-Mentor" is believed by many, to have steered athletes to UCF.

For what it is worth, Caldwell told the Orlando Sentinel he won't help the NCAA. Not because he can't, but according to the paper "because they didn't come to me first". Right.

You can read the Sentinel's story by clicking RIGHT HERE

The school, of course, said they'll cooperate fully with the investigation and then proceeded to lawyer up.

There are tons of questions here and really, the basis of it goes to several blue-chip athletes who in previous years wouldn't have ever considered the Orlando school, all of a sudden were flocking there. It is very possible that it is just a coincidence and there is nothing to see here. But on the fringes, it has the makings of a problem. Caldwell swears he isn't a runner for any agents, that he's just a "Fan" of the school because his kid goes there.

We say, investigate. There may be something here, there may not. Either way, the kids will get punished somehow, they always do. The grown-ups, they'll get a slap on the wrist, be told to do something else and the school will continue to make millions. Life in the NCAA Grindhouse, will continue as it always does.

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