Thursday, August 11, 2011

IU Coach Kevin Wilson doesn't appreciate radio hosts poor attempt at humor


This is one of the more awkward radio interviews we've heard in a long time. And it was between Indianapolis Sports Talk/Fox Sports radio hosts Zakk and Jack and Indiana football coach Kevin Wilson.

It started bad and never got better. Jack Trudeau (former Illinois and NFL QB) started things off by saying he has kids that go to Indiana...and that he never heard the fight song much because the Hoosiers were so bad.

It got worse.

Trudeau continued slamming a bit on the Hoosiers, leading into the Wilson's interview. And then it got kinda awkward.

He didn't like the puns.

Wilson made reference the 61 spot that Indiana put on Illinois and then tried to move the interview on. Zakk didn't get it. And Trudeau began scolding him for his attitude.

Listen to the whole uncomfortable interview by clicking to the interview page RIGHT HERE

And they finished by slamming Wilson, his attitude and his program.

Really, we don't know what is more head scratching here. For either of these radio guys to not think Wilson might not like the digs on his program...during his intro is just plain stupid. And then to start insulting him for being ticked off. Absurd.

Do either of them have any idea how arrogant, egotistical and idiotic they sound here? Whether you like what your guest is saying or not, somehow you need to stay on point. Which they briefly tried to do.

We don't know what was more insulting. The beginning of the interview. The Zakk guy asking him about his attitude or Trudeau's arrogant and smug slam job afterwards.

Oh...and since these two ass-clowns have now gotten some recognition. They video taped a reaction to the whole thing...and posted it on YouTube:

(Courtesy: WNDE Radio)

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