Monday, August 8, 2011

Real Madrid signs 7-yr-old to contract: No, really, they did

Leonel Angel Coira

Really. A seven-year-old. And they say he's a possible "Star of the Future". Something that is so easy to determine when kids are that age. Right?

High profile soccer club Real Madrid apparently has signed 7-yr-old Argentinian second grader Leonel Angel Coira to a contract. And he will start training with the team in September. And he was being scouted by a rival club.


You can read this story on Yahoo Sport (UK/Ireland) if you don't believe me RIGHT HERE

Words escape us at the moment. Sure, we've heard about USC and a couple of colleges going after middle school aged kids. But 7-year olds? And we read another story that says he's not even the youngest kid to sign a deal.

Maybe this is something acceptable in the European world. But it reeks of exploitation. Or a PR stunt.

Does anyone really know how a 7-year-old will grow into a role? Or what their interests will be? Honestly, we're just shaking our heads.

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