Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ohio St. to ESPN: You are lying

The real target of the investigation

This is an interesting little battle here.'s Pat Forde posted a story on the 4-letter website Wednesday stating that Ohio State was notified via letter last week that the NCAA is still investigating them and they could be facing more allegations or more problems.

However, Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch told the Columbus Dispatch that no such thing has happened.

Lynch does say they received a letter from investigators, but only pertaining to procedural matters leading into their appearance Friday in front of the Committee on Infractions.

You can read that part of the story from RIGHT HERE

Interestingly, the Pat Forde story quotes Lynch telling him essentially the same thing. But yet the headline and first paragraph seem to state otherwise. What it does say is stuff that we already knew, that they could still investigate the variety of investigative stories by the Dispatch, ESPN and other media outlets about problems that they brought to light.

It also quotes Lynch telling another ESPN reporter "We will not be able to discuss details of our active investigation with the NCAA until the matter has been resolved." Duh....It's not resolved Pat. It may be resolved on Friday, but it isn't today.

You can read Forde's story RIGHT HERE

We don't know the genesis of Forde's story, and quite honestly, after reading it, we still don't know why that is a headline. Of course they (Ohio State) are still under investigation, and they should be. You are under investigation until the Committee has handed down a decision. That's how such things work. There are no new allegations here. No revelations.

The BIGGER question is, after getting heat for being slow on the Ohio State story, why the "Worldwide Leader" hasn't devoted any time or resources to the "Alabama/T-Town Menswear" story? They did do a brief mention when it 1st came up, but haven't followed it up. They haven't done an "Outside the Lines" it hasn't been mentioned at all.

That story is remarkably similar to this one, yet its been left to bloggers such as Clay Travis at OutKicktheCoverage and Brooks at SportsbyBrooks to do the heavy lifting on it.

Just our two cents.

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