Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bruce Pearl goes to work for grocery company

Bruce Pearl
((ht: govolsextra.com))

Well, that is certainly a change in the old career arc. Former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, who essentially can't coach for a couple of years because of his NCAA violation issues, has taken a job working for a Knoxville area grocery wholesale company.

Pearl will, as of Sept. 1st, be the Vice President of Marketing for H.T Hackney Co. and while yeah, you can make jokes about hacking and basketball, it's a bit of a departure for the personable Pearl.

According to the govolsextra.com website, Pearl has a degree in marketing and economics from the Boston College School of Management.

Read more from the Knoxville News-Sentinel website RIGHT HERE

While we congratulate Pearl on his move to "Civilian" life, we do have a question. How is it someone with no actual experience in the field he is now entering can start as a Vice President at a reasonably large company?

Oh, it's owned by former Tennessee trustee Bill Sansom. And H.T Hackney is a pretty big company to boot.

And it was enough for Pearl to turn down the chance to coach in the NBA's "D" league. But hey, congrats to ya Brucie. You are a strong enough personality that yeah, you'll probably be reasonably successful. And like all good coaches who get in trouble or fired, a year or two away, and it is amazing how much better your future coaching prospects become.

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