Friday, August 12, 2011

Get It Over With Texas A&M, Bolt For The SEC

Its a forgone conclusion now, Texas A&M will bolt the Big 12 for the SEC.

The powers that be that includes Texas A&M alum Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, are in full "To Hell With Texas" mode and ready to separate from their rivals in the burnt orange.

All because Texas has gone into bed with ESPN to launch the Longhorn Network in a few weeks.

The Aggie fateful have cited competitive balance in their flirtation with the SEC. You have to think ego plays a role in this.

A&M's biggest rival is guaranteed millions of dollars from their brand new TV network and a recruiting advantage with a 24/7/365 infomercial on cable systems throughout the state of Texas.

How can Texas A&M counter? Join the best conference in college football and enjoy a financial windfall from the SEC's lucrative media deals.

The SEC has been tight lipped saying they have no plans to expand but Texas A&M would be mighty attractive. Arkansas would finally have a natural rival in the league and the SEC would have in-roads in the state of Texas plus inherit the Houston market.

Would this permanently kill the Big 12? I don't think so. Should Oklahoma remain on Texas' side the Big 12 will survive.

The Big 12 could beg and plead TCU to resist their Big East invite and join their league. Houston and SMU have stepped up their football programs and could be targeted to join too.

Before you know it you almost have a reunion of the Southwest Conference.

As for Texas A&M they've got to go, the Aggies have huffed and puffed to much to remain in the Big 12.

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