Friday, August 12, 2011

Did Heath Slater Choke A Security Guard...???


Heath Slater was born Heath Miller and came from West Virginia... if a security guard has it her way, Heath may be heading back that way very soon without an employer...

A security guard named Corinne Oliver claims that Miller tried to drag her into his hotel room during Wrestlemania weekend- choking her in the process and, apparently, leaving her with back pain ever since.

Here's Heath for the most of you that have no idea who in the blue hell he is on a nightly basis... and that includes the HQ...
((HT: WWE))

No charges have been filed at present and the Atlanta Police Department is investigating as is the WWE. But the Greenwich posse is stating publicly that it's a personal matter and not a personnel matter.

From Seward:

“At this point and time all she wants is justice by having him arrested for the assault that occurred on her,” Oliver's attorney, Jackie Patterson, said. “We’re just hoping that we can get a thorough investigation to get this matter resolved.”

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