Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kyle Busch loses his drivers license

Kyle Busch
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Haha! We are betting that Kyle's Sprint Cup competitors probably don't think this is so funny.

Driver Kyle Busch pleaded guilty this afternoon to speeding in an incident we first reported on back in May. Busch was cited for driving 128 in a 45 mph zone in Statesville, North Carolina. Yes, he was going that fast.

As a result, young Mr. Busch will lose his driver's license for the next 45 days and was told by the judge to "Not drive any car during that time" along with fining him $1000.

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While what Busch did was truly scary, we respect that he at least stepped up and took responsibility for it. And he accepted his punishment. No, the license revocation will not keep him off the track. He doesn't need a drivers license to race in any of the races. And oh, by the way, baby Busch is your current Sprint Cup points leader.

Busch has had more than his fair share of problems on the track with other racers too. From Richard Childress trying to give him a noogie, to the war of words with Jimmie Johnson and others, he's sort of become NASCAR's "Bad Boy". No, rest easy, there won't be any suspension forthcoming though we suspect that Busch and his team owner Joe Gibbs have had more than one conversation with the good Mister Mike Helton.

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