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Could FSU be joining Texas A&M in the SEC?

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Well, this is one scenario we hadn't really thought much about, though Brother Jon did bring it up in a discussion when the A&M story started leaking out.

Could Florida State bolt the ACC and head to the SEC?

It seems to be a topic more popular on the Internets than we thought. Oddly, we are rather well versed in most topics Sports related here on the Internets, but we had not heard this discussion, yet according to the Orlando Sentinel, it exists.

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**UPDATE**12:09 pm.--The Palm Beach Post quotes a source as saying about the move "This is real". Interesting.

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In some ways this does make some sense. FSU has been a bit of an odd fit in the ACC, a conference known very well for its basketball heritage, but somewhat of a punchline in football.

For their part, FSU dominated the ACC in football when they 1st arrived in 1991. They haven't dominated it much in the past few years. Though we will say, they'll be awfully good this coming season.

Basketball wise, they are good, not great like most SEC schools.

If you think about it, logistically, it makes perfect sense. With A&M, the SEC needs a school to keep the number of teams even. It also would balance the whole east/west thing.

Do we think it will happen? No. But we (actually me), have been wrong about such things before.

The Sentinel makes a somewhat convincing argument, but we think it is just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. The site "Noles247" says "No way", they are a subscription site, so we can't read why they say it...and we've never heard of them either.

So, while the SEC has a ton of money to throw around and attract teams, ultimately, FSU will stay loyal to the ACC. Commissioner John Swofford will help find another revenue source to keep them around. As intriguing as the thought is, the ACC will find a way to keep them happy...and we aren't so sure they aren't happy now.

**UPDATE**12:09 pm.-- But then again, if enough people are saying FSU is intrigued by the money, the shoe definitely fits. We've got no problem going out on the limb in the previous paragraph, but in the interest of covering our proverbial rears, we'll add that we did say it makes a lot of sense.

Either way, we guess only time will tell. gives us a Fall Practice Report from Thursday:

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