Thursday, August 25, 2011

LSU loses Shepard for discussing Inquiry with a teammate?

Russell Shepard

Really? That's all it takes? Talking to a teammate about an NCAA investigation. One that you are a part of.

Well, we didn't see that coming and we are guessing neither did The Mad Hatter (Les Miles).

Junior wide receiver Russell Shepard, one of LSU's best players and featured receiver is out for the season opener versus Oregon and may be out for quite a bit longer.

The reason: He violated an NCAA bylaw. He told a teammate about what was going on. Shepard has been  one of the players involved with the issues LSU is being investigated for and because of that, the NCAA wanted to talk with him. We get that. Maybe it is like being a juror and you can't discuss the case with anyone. Who knows? Even the NCAA admits they don't understand their own rulebook half the time.

Anyway, read more from RIGHT HERE

Coach Les Miles says it will be 10 days to 2 weeks before finding out exactly how bad the violation is. And then the NCAA gets to decide what to do. Unfortunately, Shepard won't get to play during that time which could...or couldn't end up being dragged out through the season.

Considering the issues facing  quarterback Jordan Jefferson and others right now, this is the last thing LSU needs. The Tigers open with Oregon next week at Cowboys Stadium and it is beginning to look like they will be nowhere near 100-percent.

Because we can, we give you Les at his best from a few years ago during the SEC Championship game. We were actually there our ownselves to hear it live, but the video...well it will live on forever.

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