Friday, August 12, 2011

Bizarre Lawsuit day: Former Village People singer sues Tampa Bay Rays

Yes, the Village People
((ht: st.petersburg times))

For real? This may be even more bizarre than the story about Mike Gundy being sued.

According to the St.Petersburg Times (FL), Victor Willis, former lead singer of the Village People says he will sue the team for mis-using his image.

Yes, the Village People of "YMCA" fame.

Apparently, the group--sans Willis, who apparently quit the group in 1984, appeared after a Rays game last year. Willis's publicist says they used the original video, which featured Willis (the policeman) and that led people to believe he'd be there.


The publicist does say really, they just want the Rays to apologize and promise not to do it again.

No, really.

You can read the bizarre story from RIGHT HERE

Apparently the Rays politely declined to comment. Ha!

Willis apparently still gets royalty monies from the song, but quite honestly, the motivation for this is just plain weird. Or an attempt at getting publicity. (We go with the latter)

Using this logic, we should, I guess be afraid that we may be sued here for (a) reporting this, (b) using Willis's name and (c) for using a photo of the group and having a laugh about it.

Mr. Willis and publicist, we congratulate you on your successful PR stunt, but we regret to inform you that though profitable, you'll never be more than a novelty act...though we will admit that it appears that novelty pays...rather handsomely.

Well, we couldn't find an embeddable copy of their famous stuff, so you'll have to settle for a dub of their movie, Can't Stop the Music:

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