Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bosh goes to Miami with Wade...ooooohhhh!

Can someone please explain why NBA Free Agency is the big Sports....and News story of the day? Sure, there are some pretty good ballplayers that will be changing homes, but, there is an awful lot more going on in the U.S and World right now which would render this somewhat irrelevant.

On the heels of LeBron Center (Call me "King") James announcing/leaking that he will be gracing us with a 60-minute infomercial on Thursday, comes word that two of the "Other Guys", have decided what they are going to do on Wednesday.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Chris Bosh will join Dwayne Wade in Miami and play for the Heat.

The Miami Herald says that someone else says so RIGHT HERE

Unlike LeBron Center, Wade actually has a championship ring. Bosh, played for Toronto.

The interesting part of this is that the "Chips" are now falling into place. Amare' Stoudamire to New York, Joe Johnson stays in Atlanta, these guys going to South Beach. The question now is where does LeBron Center go? He no longer can be "The Guy" anywhere other than Cleveland. Though if he stayed there, I might have a little more respect for his entourage. I think, remember, think, that LeBron center wants to be respectful to Northern Ohio, but I also think that LeBron Center has to be the guy wherever he plays. You can now cross New York and Miami off of that list.

In the meantime, enjoy some Chris of the funniest guys on the internets...Thanks YouTube:

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