Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron to announce on ESPN...trying to stifle gag reflex!

I didn't want to rant here. Really. There are so many things that can be said and so many more that can't.

So I read overnight that during LeBron Center (ESPN's daily Sports show)...the 4-letter word (ESPN) is quoting "Independent" sources that the self-professed "King" James will announce where he will grace the basketball world with his presence next season. Oddly, they are saying that it will be televised, Live by...ok...brace know its coming....ESPN!

ESPN's Chris Broussard attempts corporate PR RIGHT HERE

((Stop the world, LeBron is here//Courtesy: maybe I'm being cynical here, but the whole thing just doesn't smell very good. Sure, I get that for the NBA types out there (I used to be one of you), this is a "Game Changing" event. I know he's the "King", just ask him. And yes, I know that he's one of the best players in the NBA.

Notice that I said "One of the". While certainly possessor of otherworldly talent and at least in the eyes of his handlers an oversized persona, he's still lacking something. Yes, that's right, he's lacking an NBA Championship.

Kobe Bryant has a few. Kevin Garnett has a few as does Ray Allen and heck, so does Dwayne Wade.

There will be those who say, "Look, why so cynical? He's donating the sponsorship of the show to the Boys and Girls Club". Yeah, that's great. Good for his handlers for coming up with a way to justify this. An hour of self-love. Boy, can't wait for that. How much do you want to bet that the highly-paid producer of the infomercial is going tell them, "Wait. Don't tell them the decision until the end".

As for the 4-letter word. Pretty much everything they do trashes the name of journalism. Sure, there are some immensely talented people that work there and I include Chris Broussard, he of the "exclusive" in that list. Generally, they do some really good reporting and storytelling. the end of the day, they work for the 4-letter and that always seems to get in the way. Sure, we get that they are all about improving the "Brand" and making more money for themselves and dominating the world of sports, we get that. But do they (the corporate people) really have to try and convince us that the motivation for what they do is in the name of journalism, storytelling or reporting?

Honestly, I'm a big sports fan and I have no reason or need to watch this. In fact you couldn't pay me to watch. Besides, if I really want to know, I'll just pay attention to the day long Sports Texts on my cellphone telling me that I should watch.

Here is commercial LeBron, along side a much more personable ballplayer, Dwight Howard. Thanks You Tube and McDonalds:

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