Monday, July 5, 2010

Brazil wipes off their Dunga....

We couldn't resist this story due in large part because we just like saying "Dunga".

The beleaguered head coach of the Brazilian national soccer team was "relieved" of his "duties" today by the Confederation of Soccer. They also "discharged" his entire coaching staff. Brazil, led by their striker "Kaka" finished their World Cup play with a 2-1 loss to the Netherlands in the Quarterfinals, losing on a contested "own goal" by Felipe Melo.

We give you more Dunga...from the Daily Contributor RIGHT HERE

((Enjoy your Dunga//Courtesy: Daily

For those who didn't know beforehand, the World Cup is a frighteningly serious thing for most country's. Those such as Brazil which consider themselves a title contender tend to do drastic things if the team doesn't achieve what the often warped fan base or soccer federations think that they should.

Really the grand scheme of things, this isn't an "Explosive" situation nor is it just someone talking "Poo" about someone else. No...really, we published this story due in large part to see how many times we could say "Dunga" or make poop jokes. Though there is some Sports News involved as well.

Here is the game in question from the You Tube. If you are in the US, good luck with the narration...

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