Monday, July 5, 2010

DEVELOPING STORY: Damon Evans Resignation Official, Search Begins For Replacement


The meetings are over, and all that's left is a soon-to-be-empty office and national search for the next big thing in Athletic Directors.

The UGAA executive committee accepted Damon Evans' resignation this morning via conference call. As part of his settlement with the University, Evans will receive a $100,000 "longevity bonus" and three months salary- roughly $137,500.

Here's the early returns from Athens from FOSG Buck Lanford

Here is President Michael Adams addressing the situation from the morning meeting...

Two names have surfaced as early contenders to take over Evans' spot in the Butts-Mehre building- both are tied to Georgia's past...

The AJC's Mark Bradley has pegged Greg McGarity and Carla Williams as two to keep an eye on...

McGarity is, presently, Jeremy Foley's chief aide at the University of Florida. He played tennis at UGA under Coach McGill and is from Athens. The only thing holding him back is President Adams' perception that McGarity is a Dooley man. That held him back in 2004 when Evans was eventually named Athletic Director.

Carla Williams is inside the athletic department already as an assistant AD. She's from LaGrange and played basketball under Coach Andy Landers.

Bradley is under the impression that since Adams had no qualm pulling the trigger on Evans in 2004, that having the first female athletic director in the SEC would be a no-brainer for him as well.

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