Monday, July 12, 2010

BREAKING: Octopus retires...wants to keep perfect record...

There is no truth to the rumor that Mercury Morris put pressure on him, but it is true. Paul the Octopus...he of the perfect prediction record in this years World Cup...has quit after going 8-0.

Though he did not succumb to the pressure of his fellow Germans for picking against them in the semi-finals...there have been many rumors circulating he wanted to step down as....wait for it...THE KING...King Paul.

((Paul//Courtesy: The Local))

We breathlessly await the press release from Jim Gray and/or ESPN to announce that the KING will get an hour of airtime on Thursday night. Thus far, we cannot confirm that he is leaving the prognosticating game to join Ringo Starr and his band of All-Stars on tour through Europe either. Though we would enjoy the duo singing "Octopus's Garden in the shade".

We give you more from Germany's The Local RIGHT HERE

Yes, King Paul, the king of Octopi Prognostication, is moving on. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what's next in his career? Since he is a "psychic" King...does he already know what is next?

For those unfamiliar with the musical reference...we happily will provide you with the song being performed by the aforementioned Mr. Starr...just imagine the dream team with him and Paul...if only George and John were around to see it!

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