Monday, July 12, 2010

King James' dad is actually a DC Lawyer?

This is just plain weird. According to a published report today, the King's actually a mild-mannered lawyer from Washington DC. Or at least the lawyer is claiming in

Leicester Bryce Stovall told the Post that...he's not "Popping out of woodwork to exploit a celebrity's fame and fortune". After the reporters got done laughing, they asked him some more questions. And oh...he now has a $4 million dollar lawsuit against James and his mother who he accuses of covering the whole thing up.

The source of all this is at the Washington Post's Website RIGHT HERE

While not appearing, at least on the surface, to be crazy or delusional or anything like that, Stovall fills in tidbits of James' backstory. Though we might add, that information isn't hard to find. Apparently he took a DNA test in match.

We post this because while we think last week's PR debacle is one of the worst things we've ever seen in...well...the history of sports PR, we are also eager to mock those who appear to be taking advantage of others.

In this case, Mr. Stovall has had plenty of time to go back and make this right if he were really the father, he didn't. Why he waited until now to go public...well, just do the math.

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