Monday, July 12, 2010

DEVELOPING STORY: Greenberg And Ryan Suing Rangers

They're not happy with how, essentially, Tom Hicks was still negotiating with other groups after the Greenberg/Ryan group was approved by bankruptcy courts as the one who was going to purchase the club.

Evan Grant's piece in the Dallas Morning News has a lot of the details and court-speak...

Apparently, and rightfully so if true, they're bent at court-appointed Chief Restructuring Officer William K. Snyder who took the bankruptcy case over while bankruptcy court judge D. Michael Lynn was on vacation. Snyder went on to recommend opening up the process to new bids all over again. But, Lynn did come back to rule last week that he intends for the case to be all figured out by July 22nd.

Greenberg and Ryan feel Hicks and the Rangers are in breach of the deal and seek to stop all their alleged shenanigans.

More when we know more...

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