Monday, July 12, 2010

Dan Gilbert fined...nobody surprised...

The NBA acted and acted quickly...okay...sort of quickly and fined Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert $100,000 for his comments about the LeBron Center/LeBronathon.

The story, from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer RIGHT HERE

((Dan Gilbert//Courtesy: WKYC-TV))

We also hope that Jesse Jackson will now go away. Not everything is what he thinks it is. Gilbert was angry and reacted that way. It doesn't make what he said right...but at least to most, he was the jilted lover who didn't even get the time of day before being left at the alter.

Commissioner David Stern also had a few thoughts about the person that Gilbert was hammering, one LeBron James. Stern, much like the rest of us, didn't have a huge issue with the fact that James decided to leave Cleveland, rather it was the way that he did it.

We've already posted our thoughts about one of PR's worst decisions, so we won't go into it. What we do hope is that the negative PR about what James...and in particular, his entourage did, will actually register, though we don't think it will. They really never thought it seems, that people would think that the "Decision" was a good idea. Why can't you just be classy and quietly tell the Cavaliers you are leaving and then show up and do a press conference in Miami the next day?

Anyway, enough, we are done reporting on this. This will be the last we talk about it. What is done is done, you can't change it, you just have to move on...and that's exactly what we are about to do.

In the meantime, check out this story about what Cleveland fans think about Jesse Jackson adding his 2-cents worth. Big thanks to WEWS-TV in Cleveland for this:

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