Monday, July 12, 2010

Second NHRA Death In 2010 Happens In Seattle

Top Alcohol Dragster driver Mark Niver was killed Sunday during the Northwest Nationals when his car folded onto itself after slamming into the netting at the end of the track.

The NHRA is looking into the accident. A spokesman for the NHRA declined comment when asked for more information about what went down, saying their investigation had just started.

The parachutes immediately ripped cleanly from the dragster when they were triggered as Niver crossed the finish line. He couldn't get the car slowed enough or stopped before going into the sand pit at the end of the quarter-mile.

Niver was 60 years old...

Here's ESPN's coverage with Paul Page as your lead...

Or here, off a television if the four-letter pulls their own video...
((HT: ESPN/NHRA/brockclark))

The other incident in NHRA this year happened about a month ago in New Jersey when Neal Parker's funny car had parachutes that did not open before the end of their run.

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