Thursday, September 9, 2010

BREAKING: Tom Brady in car wreck...Boston area hearts skip a beat....

Tom Brady//Courtesy:
The collective known as Boston area sports lost a breath or two this morning when they heard reports that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady was involved in a car crash this morning on his way to the teams facility.

WEEI radio was the 1st to report this. They also reported and others have now confirmed that Brady wasn't injured and was released from the scene.

The person in the other vehicle wasn't quite as lucky.
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We suspect that this will be the #1 News story in the New England area today. It's also lighting up the Sports world Twitter feeds too.

Hopefully someone will be able to report on how the other guy in the crash is doing. If Brady drove to work afterwards, he's fine.

If you are interested in some shaky long lens video of the wreck, you can follow this link to WHDH-TV in Boston....RIGHT HERE

Here's WBZ-TV's Breaking News Report from this morning...
Laura Ebben leads off...

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