Friday, September 3, 2010

DEVELOPING: Kovy Deal Finally Approved, League Changes Rule

((HT: TSN/Dreger))

The NHL and the NHL Players' Association have reached an agreement on an amendment to the rules that govern long term contracts- like the ones that marquee players like Hossa, Pronger, Savard, Luongo, and now Ilya Kovalchuk have agreed to and signed.

As of late Friday afternoon, the league kept the pay window open past the end of normal business hours so the I's and T's could get figured out on Kovy's deal.

The new 15-year, $100 million package will be approved once all of the new agreements and paperwork between the league and NHLPA are signed and lawyered over in the appropriate manners.

According to the powers that are, those guy's contracts that front-loaded the deal and have people making money until they're forty are officially over.

Or so they say...
More when we know more...

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