Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jay Mariotti isn't getting off so easy....

Jay Mariotti and his mouth/Courtesy: sportressofblogitude.com
Just when sports columnist Jay Mariotti thought his problems were over...they weren't. Mariotti, who was arrested on August 21st in a domestic violence incident, thought his legal problems might be over when the initial charges were lowered. They aren't.

Late Monday comes word that Mariotti is now facing seven misdemeanor charges as a result of the incident. Each charge...has the potential of...a year in jail.

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This probably signals the end of Mariotti's somewhat controversial sports writing career. ESPN has already gone on the record saying they "Have no plans to use him for anything soon".

One of the interesting things to come out of his legal issues is the overwhelming disdain of him by his fellow sportswriters. Having run, albeit from a distance, in those circles, you have to be kind of a schmuck to get ostracized like he has. Most of the time, if someone is not liked, they just aren't included. A lot, but not all of it, had to do with the very public and outspoken stance he took on the very thing he's in trouble for. But to have as many nationally recognized writers take the public shots at him that they did....well, that should speak volumes.

Here is a little bit of Mariotti on TV for those unfamiliar with him. Thanks YouTube:


Anonymous said...

I think the one point that you are missing, is the reason that so many national columnists are taking shots at him, is simply because of his own stance on Domestic abuse and Violence, on several occasions he ripped professional athletes who became violent towards their girlfriend and or spouse, and after all of the preaching against domestic violence, he becomes a part of it and is charged with it....

phil cantor said...

You are right. I was aware of it, but I didn't want to wade too deeply into that area. Really, that is the reason that most have problems with him.