Monday, September 13, 2010

Jets "Hard Knock" hot Mexican TV Reporter

Ines Sainz (in the dress)/Courtesy: Jim Davis/Boston Globe
It's a story too good for the New York tabloids to pass we won't pass it up either. The New York Jets, the focus of this seasons "Hard Knocks" series by HBO and quite possibly the kings of preseason smack talk are getting visited by karma these days.

According to multiple reports, the NFL and team officials are investigating the team and coaches for allegedly making suggestive comments and throwing football passes near Mexican TV correspondent Ines Sainz, known as one of the "hottest sports reporters in Mexico".

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First off, we are amazed that the Post didn't publish any photos of Ms. Sainz, but we digress. The J.E.T.S have made themselves targets by several people because of all the smack they talked in the TV series.

Ray Lewis of the Ravens and Bart Scott of the Jets have already been firing off smack talk at each other in advance of their season opener. Coach Rex Ryan and Tony Dungy have "debated" over Ryan's pretty constant swearing over the course of the TV series as well.

Though admittedly, we enjoyed the Series as we have every season of Hard Knocks, we were very surprised to hear just how much self-promotion and boasting the Jets did. They, intentionally or not, came off as believing they were quite possibly destined or ordained as this seasons Super Bowl winner.

While we understand that every team has that as their goal before each season it was the manner and way it was put that Admittedly, the Jets are loaded with lots of big name players, but just look down the road at the New York Mets to see that money doesn't always buy championships, team chemistry or what is becoming evident....class.

For those who didn't see it, here is a preview for the now finished season of Hard Knocks. Thanks HBOSports/YouTube :

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