Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kelly Johnson gets pranked by Adam LaRoche

((ht: Deadspin))

Okay, this is pretty funny. Two guys who've been friends back to their days in Atlanta are now stuck in Arizona. The Diamondbacks, they are pretty crappy this year. There haven't been many highlights.

So, 1st baseman Adam LaRoche decided to have a little fun with second baseman Kelly Johnson. He apparently convinced the PA guy to have a "different song" playing when Johnson came to bat. Not once. Twice.

Having covered both these guys while in Atlanta, it doesn't surprise us at all. LaRoche, though somewhat quiet has a wicked sense of humor. And Johnson, a really good dude, was the target of more than one joke.

Listen to the Audio, it will explain everything. Thanks Deadspin/Clue Haywood:

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