Friday, September 3, 2010

OSG College Football - Week #1

It's time for toe to meet leather. The college football season kicks off tonight. There are some great match-ups to start the season and theirs a few that you already know the outcome. Here's OSG's take for this week.

Game of the Week - Virginia Tech vs Boise State

Both teams have had nine months to prepare for this outstanding match-up. Boise State will play anybody anywhere including traveling cross country for a date with the Hokies. Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer knows Boise State will answer the bell.

Boise State returns 20 of 22 starters from last season so make no mistake the Broncos are legit.

Here’s what we think is the key, the Virginia Tech secondary. Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore will sling it around but I don’t think Moore has ever faced a group of defensive backs as opportunistic as the Hokies. That group can lock it down and if there is separation has the closing speed of a state trooper.

This game has the makings of a “game of the century”. We expect a very close game.

OSG's Take

Wilkie: I love the quarterback match up in this one. Tyrod Taylor is poised for an outstanding senior season. Kellen Moore is in the Heisman conversation. Each should have a great game. My opinion Ryan Williams and Darren Evans will make a big difference and the Hokies prevail.

Nelson: Boise State wins this one big. I still think they'll stumble somewhere down the line in a game they're not supposed to stumble in. This week, they're safe...


Phil: This is the best of the early season games. If it were played further west, Boise would be a lock. They escape however...31-28

Other Games On OSG's Radar Screen:

SMU at Texas Tech

Wilkie: This game could end with a basketball score. Why do I like SMU in this one, it's the first game of the Tommy Tuberville era at Texas Tech and SMU finally feels good about themselves in football. June Jones' team will be ready for this one. SMU wins in a shootout.

Nelson: Can I just vote for someone other than Coach Tub...? He's trying to import his Auburn pre-game rituals into Lubbock. What is he going to call it...? "Raider Walk?" 117-113 SMU... just because...

Phil: SMU is better, but I'm not sure they are quite on Tech's level. Nobody will play defense and Jon's score won't be far off. 41-27 Tech Wins

Illinois vs Missouri

Wilkie: I see Blaine Gabbert throwing for a bunch of yards in this one. Mizzou wins in the final "Arch Rivalry" game in St. Louis.

Nelson: Illinois only because Mizzou got a case of the galloping stupids at tailback this past week. 27-16

Phil: Mizzou because of Gabbert and despite the moronic running backs. Fire Ron Zook. 24-10

LSU vs North Carolina

Wilkie: I honestly have no clue how I feel about this game. If I'm going to pick though for some reason I think I like LSU. The Tar Heels are saying all the right things heading into the game but I just wonder what a month of uncertainty will do. LSU wins by the very tight margin.

Nelson: I've heard as many as 16 will be out for UNC this weekend. They might score that many points. 24-13 LSU...

Phil: Too much behind the scene trouble for UNC. Their heads won't be on straight. LSU 24, UNC 16

Maryland vs Navy

Wilkie: I think Maryland is better than what’s being predicted. I love their skill players and that group of linebackers. With that said the Navy game is a huge on for the Terps. Maryland needs a win over a pretty good Navy team for an emotional lift. I expect Maryland to come out inspired and ready to fight for their head coach Ralph Friedgen whose backside is on the coaching hot seat.

Navy, Navy, Navy... I just like saying Niumatololo... 31-21...

Phil: The Fridge's time is running short. Navy wins 34-14

Connecticut at Michigan

Wilkie: UConn prevails and Rich Rodriquez is putting the finishing touches to his resume.

UConn sends RichRod to an early grave 27-23

Phil: Flat out, UConn is better. Bye,bye Rich....31-21

Oregon State vs TCU

Wilkie: The Frogs leap over Oregon State in Jerry World.

The name's Dalton... 35-24 TCU

Phil: the name of the Swayze's. TCU 37-31

Washington at BYU

Wilkie: BYU has a 2 game win streak on the Huskies. I like the Cougars in this one too.

BYU, at home celebrating their newly-found independence, 27-17

Phil: Disagree. BYU has some rebuilding to do. The fighting Sarks win 31-17

William & Mary at Massachusetts

Wilkie: I'll take the Tribe in this one.

Who chose this game...??? William and Mary...

Phil: Huh? Bill and Mary?

California (PA) at Saginaw Valley

Wilkie: It's a top 10 battle in Divsion II. I'll take the Cardinals of Saginaw Valley in this one.

Saginaw Valley... Wilkie, have you lost your mind...???

Phil: Dude???? Home team wins

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