Thursday, October 14, 2010

LeBron doesn't play here any more....

Haha! How long ago was "The Decision" anyway? Surely, there was enough time to change the cover of the team 2011 calendar, wasn't there?

Well, it now has been done, but not before some "Early" editions of the calendar went out...and who was on the cover....none other than now Cleveland arch-enemy LeBron James.

Check out this story from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer RIGHT HERE

Did someone forget about this? Surely by now everyone has heard the famous quote "I'm going to take my talents to South Beach".  Okay, maybe not the folks at the oddly appropriate named company called...get this "Perfect Timing Inc."

Look around, apparently the calendar is for sale in several places, it hasn't been pulled. Well, at least until it makes the rounds of the blogsphere.

Yeah, we find this pretty funny too. And it's a good way to start the day, laughing.

In case the folks at Perfect Timing were wondering, here is some video of Mr. James working out with his current team....The Miami Heat. Thanks

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