Friday, December 17, 2010

BCS Poo-poo's Mark Cuban's plan for Football Playoff

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One of yesterday's big "Sports/News" stories was a proposal that Dallas Mavericks owner/gazillionaire Mark Cuban made to bankroll a true college football playoff instead of the corrupt BCS (ok, we added the corrupt part ourselves)

Now comes word that the BCS Executive Director, Bill Hancock "Doubts" that it will ever happen.

Read the story and more from the Dallas Morning News RIGHT HERE

We have a ton of opinions about this. We like Mark Cuban, mostly because he's different that the typical, stuffed shirt, rich guy who has billions of dollars. He may be a bit of a douchebag, but he seems like he'd be kind of fun guy to go drink a beer with, so we can overlook the first part.

We really like the proposal that he made yesterday and think it is a great idea. We've railed for years on the corruptness and monopolistic practices of the BCS, something created by and for the "Power Conferences" and their presidents, but not for the best interests of the fan and players.

The fact that Hancock tried to shoot down Cuban's proposal was expected and quite honestly, we don't think they'd (The BCS) EVER go for a proposal like that. The whole excuse that "It's the best system" it is in place for "The benefit of the student-athlete" is the biggest load of crap quite possibly ever uttered.

We hope at some point someone with the legal authority to tell the BCS Cartel that,  you are a corrupt, illegal monopoly, will actually step up. There is not a person alive who truly believes that the Lords of the BCS came up with the system to benefit student-athletes. They do it to benefit themselves. Pure and simple. Any other argument is pure fiction.

Whatever momentum college football has as they finish the regular season, dies after the first week in December. You can not convince me...or any other rational Sports fan there is any interest in the "Independence Bowl" or the "Humanitarian Bowl" or the "Maaco Bowl". Just ask the schools. Sure, they may smile and say "We're honored to play in a post-season game", but really, they almost all will lose money playing in said game unless it's a BCS game. Heck, just ask UConn, they are about to lose money because they can't give away their tickets to the Fiesta Bowl...and that's a BCS game.

If you want a really good read, check out this book by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter and Jeff Passan called "Death to the BCS" should validate everything I'm saying and re-inforce the point that the BCS is corrupt, evil and should be forced to disband.

In the meantime, check out Cuban in one of our favorite shows Entourage:

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