Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friedgen is done, whether he retires or not

Ralph Friedgen/Courtesy:
((ht: baltimore sun))

Yes, Brother Jon reported on the Joe Schad story Friday saying that Maryland is going to ask their coach, Ralph Friedgen to retire. That was only partially true.

Apparently, word comes today that he was told "You cannot coach the team next season". Yes, he still has been asked to "Retire", but he hasn't agreed to do it. If he doesn't, it appears Maryland will buy out the last year of his contract.

Call it semantics or whatever else you want, either way consider him done. Friedgen went 8-4 this season, coming off of last years 2-10 and Bottom of the Barrel designation.

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Yes, the Sun is also saying the your early leader as a replacement would be the irrepressible Mike Leach. It makes sense, for all the reasons mentioned in the story. We don't for a second believe the Schad report mentioning Mike Locksley. While Maryland hasn't exactly handled this well, they, under no circumstance we could see....or understand, would go after Locksley, proud owner of 2 wins in two years at New Mexico.

****UPDATE ALREADY***Our friends at also report that Leach to Maryland is a done deal. Remember, Maryland AD Kevin Anderson already has said "Next week, everyone will understand where we're going".

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We do feel a bit badly for the Friedge, one of the good guys in coaching. We got the opportunity, albeit briefly, to interact with him when he was the offensive coordinator at Georgia Tech and he seemed like a pretty straight up guy. We wish him well.

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