Thursday, December 30, 2010

BREAKING: Maryland Plans To Offer Malzahn Job

Gus Malzahn/Courtesy: uspresswire-file
OSG Sports has learned that much to our surprise, the University of Maryland is set to offer Gus Malzahn their head coaching job.

Several sources close to the program indicate that Malzahn is the schools choice, though an official announcement hasn't been made. If he takes it, that announcement will be shortly thereafter. We thought Malzahn was set to take the Vanderbilt job just a couple of weeks ago, so him getting offered the job and accepting it may be two different things.

Obviously, Maryland would be a step above what Vanderbilt would have been and if Malzahn can be successful in College Park, he can be successful anywhere. We are all familiar with his success as an offensive coordinator and that made him one of the "Hot" coaching candidates on this years coaching carousel.

Maryland AD Kevin Anderson had been looking to make a "Splash" hire, and Malzahn would certainly fit that bill. We had speculated and thought Mike Leach would be his guy due to their previous associations, but he wouldn't quite be the "Splash" hire that Malzahn would.

Sure, we know Gus just got a big renewal deal at Auburn, but as we all know, in College Football deals like that don't mean much. We suspect if he is going to take the job, which we think he will, Auburn will not stand in his way.

When we find out about when the official announcement will be, we will be sure to let you know.

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