Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sabres Sale Update: Think Next Week

((HT: WGR-AM 550 Buffalo))

Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo News is reporting in his columnthat his NHL sources confirm that Terry Pegula has signed a letter of intent to purchase the Buffalo Sabres.

The news came out last month, but that idea was denied and otherwise poo-pooed by minority owner Larry Quinn. Gleason's sources allow that there has been a letter signed with a price tag of $175 million.

Gleason speculates the sale could be finalized in as soon as six weeks.

BUT... and we put that conjunction with caps on purpose...

WGRZ-TV's Scott Brown reports that the sale is expected to be announced some time after the World Juniors come to a close next week. Brown reports the timing of the sale is being determined by current majority owner Tom Golisano.

Golisano just doesn't want the fireworks and prestige of the tournament placed on a back burner by his news...

Here's Scott's update, thanks to our friends at WGRZ-TV in Buffalo...

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