Friday, December 17, 2010

DEVELOPING: Big Ten to Reconsider god awful logo and division names?

Big 10/12 The Logo/Courtesy:

Could it be? The exalted Jim Delaney, commissioner of the Big Ten/12, a man who controls the BCS and seems to know everything, could he have made a mistake?

The Big 10/12 apparently paid a high falutin' design and marketing firm a lot of money to come up with a new logo and names for their new conferences. We reported on that disaster earlier in the week. I'm mean, come on the: Legends and Leaders division? It doesn't get more pompous than that. And yet Delaney was apparently "Shocked" by the backlash.

Well, apparently he is at least aware of it now. He went on WGN Radio in Chicago Friday morning where he acknowledged that they might need to reconsider their decision.

Read ESPN Big Ten blogger Adam Rittenberg's story RIGHT HERE

The link to the interview on WGN Radio is RIGHT HERE

Like most executives, Delaney appears to have completely mis-read his constituency. We are reasonably certain that most of the conference presidents signed off on this boondoggle so it's probably safe to assume they liked it to.

However, it appears that they are the only ones. Sure, we get that the tradition rich Big 10/12 is not real fond of the whole idea of change and going to divisions is a pretty big change.

Somehow, somewhere, they are going to have to change it. Most casual Sports fans are laughing at this and probably should. The logo, while not "As Offensive" as the division names, needs to be some other color than "Powder Blue". As for the divisions, might we suggest East and West?

Here is "Heir" Delaney speaking to his own network (Big 10/12 Network) about why he likes...well, now liked since his opinion has changed now, his new logo and divisions.

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