Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friedgen On His Way Out At Maryland

Things are going down at the University of Maryland. Sources close to the situation tell OSG that head coach Ralph Friedgen and athletic director Kevin Anderson will meet Monday where it is expected that Friedgen will step down as head coach. It is Friedgen's wish to coach the Military Bowl December 29th against East Carolina.

Our sources did not confirm that Mike Leach is the new head coach at Maryland. Many outlets are reporting that Leach to Maryland is a done deal.

Here's a report from CSN Washington citing their sources.

It was generally thought that Ralph Friedgen saved his job as Maryland head coach going 8-4 this season however, it has become apparent that the powers that be wanted a divorce no matter how messy it is.

Kevin Anderson has only been on the job as Maryland athletic director for a short time. Anderson obviously believes he knows what is best for the football program and has decided it involves a radical change.

It's bad P.R. to force Friedgen out after the successful year Maryland had, one where Friedgen earned ACC Coach of the Year a few weeks ago.

It's even riskier to hire Mike Leach who, if you follow his track record at Texas Tech, has a problem with authority.

In the big picture college football is a business and while the product on the field this year was outstanding it didn't equate into a larger dollars. More that a few luxury suites at Byrd Stadium were empty, the stadium was half capacity at best for games and the fan base was apathetic.

For Terp fans, is this change you can believe in.

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